John Lantigua, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and award-winning novelist, takes the rancor, incivility, flagrant mendacity and shamelessness of recent U.S. politics and projects them down the road just a little ways.

In his novel “The Big Split,” a collection of political extremists and venal schemers attempts to carve the U.S. into two distinct nations and cash in politically and economically along the way. The political vitriol has grown so acidic that people of differing ideologies can’t stand the thought of each other anymore, let alone live among each other. A Mass Migration is underway. From now on states will be either all blue or all red. Gun owners, who want to tote their Glocks or AR-15s openly in the supermarket or hair salon, head one way. The unarmed flee in the opposite direction.

Your beliefs regarding Creationism, stem cell research, immigrants, the proper application of the U.S. Constitution, determine in which state you will live. For those “underwater” on their mortgages, real estate exchanges are created. Whole families simply swap properties with their political antagonists, without having to exchange even a word with them. Some dream of “the New Confederacy” and even of a “Second Civil War.” Some drive east, some drive west and they all drive through the cuckoo’s nest.

And if you think this novel is around the bend, brothers and sisters, so is the future!!