The Big Split

A Novel of the Near Future


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The_Big_Split-2016-dPulitzer Prize winning journalist John Lantigua — writing under the name C.C. Radoff — composed this novel during the 2012 presidential campaign. He had a sense what was coming. It’s only closer today.

The political divide in the U.S. has become a chasm flooded in vitriol. People of differing ideologies can’t stand the thought of each other, let alone live among each other. A Mass Migration is underway. From now on states will be either all blue or all red. People who believe in gun control pack their vehicles and head in one direction. Gun owners who want to tote their Glocks or AR-15s openly in the supermarket or hair salon head the other way. Your beliefs regarding Creationism, stem cell research, immigrants, the proper application of the U.S. Constitution, they determine in which state you will live. For those “underwater” on their mortgages, real estate exchanges have been created so people on the move can simply swap properties with their political antagonists. Some of those “migrators” dream of “the new Confederacy” and even of a “Second Civil War.”

Some drive east, some drive west and they all drive through the cuckoo’s nest.


Clay Condrey is a Florida developer stuck with empty houses up the wazoo until he changes the gun laws in his county and attracts lots of heavily-armed buyers.

Television preacher Victor Creed says it’s time for people “to live their beliefs and not just talk about them.” Looking more like Moses every day, he becomes the prophet of the Migration and the new American order.

Small time realtor Blanca Benavides just wants to send her kids to college, but the housing downturn is killing her. Then her phone rings and the future is on the other end.

Colonel Xerxes Keane is convinced the Viet Cong deliberately derailed his military career, but now he sees a chance to establish the “New Confederacy” in all its glory with himself as the modern day Robert E. Lee.

Supreme Court Justice Harold Pucci feels the ”New Deal” was a “Bad Deal” and he’s just waiting to roll it back. Finally, his day has arrived.

They are all cashing in on “THE BIG SPLIT.”