Willie Cuesta Mysteries

vendettaWillie Cuesta is a private eye based in Miami’s Little Havana. Willie is a former police detective whose specialty on the Miami PD was pursuing foreign criminals who showed up in Florida on “working vacations,” trying to expand their illegal operations. He knows his way around the Colombian drug cartels, the Mexican mafias, Central American street gangs, people smugglers, etc. You name it. When he’s not taking cases for clients, Willie serves as head of security for the best salsa club in Miami, which is owned by his older brother Tommy. The club is called Caliente –Hot — which is how Willie’s cases usually turn. While on duty at Caliente, Willie has been known to dance a mean merengue and a sensational salsa.
His sidekick is the criminal investigation buisness is attorney Alice Arden, a former public defender who now does immigration law and also takes on human rights cases on a pro bono basis. Alice is a strappjng, very attractive blonde who is also extremely knowledgable about the history of Latin America and the Caribbean over the past few decades — the civil wars, guerrilla conflicts, military coups, death squad campaigns that driven many Latinos to the shores of South Florida. Those emigres often bring with them ghosts from their native countries, and those ghosts cause serious trouble on the streets of Miami.

Between the two of them, Willie and Alice are a dynamic duo — and sexy to boot.